It’s our anniversary! Three years of laughter, a little bit of crazy, one baby, so many fun trips, and oh-so-much love!

In some ways, I can’t believe it’s only been 3 years … and I mean that in the very best way! It seems like so much has happened! But we’ve also been together much longer so maybe that’s why?

Any way about it, I’m excited to celebrate US today!

why we don’t do gifts.

Some people think we are such weirdos for not following along with the traditional anniversary gifts, but I’d say that most people like our giftless tradition.

There are really only two reasons that we don’t do gifts: budgeting and an overload of things.

Budgeting has less to do with actual money and more to do with WHAT we want to spend our money on. Especially because our anni falls right after Christmas, spending money is often the last thing we want to do! And as I’ve talked about in previous posts, ever since Adelaide we are a one income house which makes us even more conscious of when and how we spend our money.

As far as an overload of things … no I’m not jumping on the Marie Kondo method! But I have always been a big purger of things {sometimes to my detriment TBH} and especially now that we have a toddler and all the toys, books, and things I feel like I’m constantly trying to keep our “things” to a minimum. So our philosophy is only add when necessary — with the occasional retail therapy sesh because #fashion.

what we do instead of gifts.

In two words: QUALITY TIME!!!

For our first anniversary we spent a long weekend in the mountains — eating, drinking and having spa treatments! Our second anniversary didn’t involve travel but instead we had the most fun day date exploring our city!

Our idea is whether we’re traveling or not, we spend at least one full day just us {no kiddos! no friends! nobody!} catching up and checking in. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day that is parenting, working, church meetings, weddings, family obligations, etc that sometimes we lose touch with each other — I hear this is a common problem no matter how long you’ve been married! We try hard and plan to have at least one date a month but honestly there are some months that it sadly just doesn’t happen. But our anniversary is a time that is non-negotiable!

our plan this year.

We are going on a trip!!! Though we’re actually delaying it by a couple of months — we really want to go somewhere warm, but unfortunately Zika is still a big threat in a lot of warm weather destinations!

We’re still in the planning stages but are leaning towards Grand Cayman, Longboat Key, or Sedona! Has anyone been to any of these? Suggestions? I’ll be sure to update you as soon as we decide!

As for our actual anni, we’re going to dinner and maybe even a movie — crazy night out, I know!

our ideas for non-gifts.

  • Day dates: go to your fave brewery with a food truck and have your own picnic! Rent a bike and ride the greenway! Sign up for a couples cooking class for a cuisine you’ve never tried!
  • Long weekend away! This is my top pick!! You can even road trip for some extra QT!
  • Plan a staycation. Go stay in a local boutique hotel with a fluffy robe and room service! As parents, just sleeping until 7AM on a Saturday would be vacation enough for us!

So tell me, how do you celebrate your anniversary?




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