My journey with Beautycounter is much like mine with Young Living oils — a slow and ever-learning process. To be perfectly honest, it wasn’t until 2018 that I really decided to start making changes in my beauty and skincare. And I honestly can’t believe it — our skin is our biggest organ so why would it be the last place that I started making changes?! But alas, changes were made — and lots of them!

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why I chose Beautycounter.

Truly, it started with The Never List. Until I started doing research on clean beauty, I didn’t realize exactly how scary the skincare and beauty industry is — as in, there are essentially zero regulations. Laws haven’t been changed since 1938 — that’s over 80 years y’all. There are over 1,400 harmful ingredients that are banned in Europe … in the U.S., there are 30. This doesn’t mean that these ingredients don’t exist in the U.S., it means they are just given the “okay”. And what’s worse: the FDA {who regulates this industry} has zero authority to force removal of these harmful toxins that we put on our bodies {and our kids’ bodies} every day! And these toxins have horrific side effects — from asthma and allergies to infertility and cancer. Now, I don’t know about you, but none of this sounded worth the risk to me.

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enter Beautycounter.

Beautycounter proudly boasts their use of The Never List and I’m for it. The Never List simply means that they will never add harmful toxins and ingredients to their products; in fact, they have banned over 1500 ingredients known to have harmful side effects. Not only that, but Beautycounter is all about transparency, which when it comes to our largest organ I would say we all deserve this.

Not only do you know what the ingredients going into your skincare and cosmetics are, but you know where they come from. And not only all of that, but Beautycounter is a woman-run B corporation. The B stands for Benefit, which means that not only is Beautycounter doing good things for us and our skin, but for people and the planet. It is difficult to become B corporation certified and Beautycounter did so by being transparent, charitable and accountable.

Besides all the “business stuff”, another reason I love Beautycounter is that it works. My skin changed so much after having Adelaide, and to be honest, I hadn’t always taken the best care of it. But once I started using Beautycounter products, my skin was forever changed. No longer dry and red — and looking more firm by the day! {mid-30s are real y’all} But it also smells delightful — which isn’t that a huge factor in choosing beauty products? From their lotions and makeup to the hair care, I have been beyond thrilled with the results and the delightful smells!

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ready to cut the chemicals?

I’m so excited for you! A huge step in taking care of your body and living a better, healthier life!

My biggest suggestion would be to start by purchasing an entire skincare regimen — you save so much this way and it’s the easiest way to get started! I personally use the Rejevenating Regimen — I found that this works best for my dryness and helps a ton with wrinkles.

But Countermatch is most people’s go-to regimen. This regimen has the amazing ability to match the composition of your skin, giving it everything it needs.

Flawless in Five has been a game-changer for me when it comes to daily makeup. I can legitimately be ready for the day in less than 5 minutes, which means I actually get ready everyday. Purchasing the entire Flawless in Five set also saves you money — and let’s be honest, that just means more money for more beauty products! You can get all six products in this kit for only $150 — the retail value is $187, which means you’re essentially getting a FREE product!

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Not sure what skincare regimen is best for you?

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other products in my rotation.

I use all of these almost every single day!

I hope that you’ll consider making the switch to clean beauty — even if it’s not Beautycounter {though I think it’s the best!} — do your research on what you’re using on your and your family’s bodies!

xo, LC




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