Growing up, Easter was always an important time in our house. From attending church each Sunday during lent to dying Easter eggs with my grandmother in her beach house garage, I have such fond memories of the weeks leading up to Easter. And of course, am trying to create these memories for Adelaide {and baby boy!} as well.

easter crafts for kids.

I must admit, I’m not a huge crafter. I am more of a Pinterest failer. But it doesn’t stop up from trying! But when I found these four crafty ideas, even I thought I stood a chance at success!

All four of these crafts seem not only achievable, but also totally kid friendly. I’ve already printed out the bunny templates for Adelaide to color and paint — and they were instantly a huge hit! The others require little in the supply department and we’ll be attempting those in the coming weeks. TBD if we’re Pinterest fails {again}. Another “craft” that we do for almost every holiday is baking and decorating cookies — especially now that I’m pregnant, it’s a win-win!

easter baskets for kids

easter basket ideas for kids.

I love any excuse to put together a cute gift for Adelaide, and Easter is no exception. I still can’t believe this is our third year making an Easter basket for her! Although I get excited about creating a special basket for her, I try not to go overboard because who needs more kids’ toys?! We usually fill her basket with books and small toys … and now that she’s a little older, a sweet treat in there too!

Growing up, my mom — I mean the Easter Bunny would fill our basket with all sorts of art supplies. I find myself doing the same for Adelaide, especially now that she’s in the toddler years. These are things that don’t create a lot of extra clutter in the house and that are always in need of restocking. Her eggs are filled these days with small treats — gummy bears are a big hit.

basket fillers.

Berenstein Bears Easter Blessings. We love this book — has a sweet message and introduces young children to family prayers. A win-win.
Can you ever go wrong with Play-Doh? Not in our house! I love these Easter eggs filled with Play-Doh.
Apologies in advance for this song being stuck in your head for the rest of the day. But “Baby Shark” is a hit in our house, and these cute little guys play a few verses with every squeeze.
These eggs have been a favorite in our house for a while now. And the best part is, they grow with your kiddo!
Paw Patrol actually isn’t one of our regular TV shows — yet. But it’s huge with so many kiddos and these little guys are perfect Easter basket size!
Paw Patrol actually isn’t one of our regular TV shows — yet. But it’s huge with so many kiddos and these little guys are perfect Easter basket size!
Painting … with water! A no mess kind of artwork and I am here for it!
Bubbles – the activity I love to hate. That was until we found Fubbles — they don’t spill when your little ones demand to hold them!

our easter traditions.

We’re just getting started on our traditions in reality, but I feel like now that Adelaide is two she really understands what’s going on in life in general. So first things first, church — we attend regularly as it is, but we go every week during lent. This is not only good for me and Walt, but a good tradition to start for our whole family. Walt and I both give up and take on something for lent — this year we gave up candy and “took on” no excuses for Sundays and church and Sunday school. This is something that we will teach our children too — as well as, the reason for the lenten season. I think overall our biggest Easter “tradition” is just spending quiet family time reflecting on all of the good things in our lives. Spring seems like such a wonderful time to do this as is with the longer days and everything in bloom seeming to give the world a new light.

easter baskets for kids

Easter is a special time in our house — and I am so excited to continue creating traditions and memories with both of our children. I love creating special gifts for Adelaide and can’t wait to do the same for Baby Boy next year!

What are your Easter traditions? Tell me in the comments!

xo, LC




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