shopping for toddlers.

I don’t know about you but shopping for toddler toys is quite overwhelming for me, even though I have a toddler at home. There are just so many options — even when you’re looking for a specific thing. What brand do you buy? Do you buy gender neutral colors? Is it age appropriate? So many questions.

We try to keep a good mix of toys that “make noise” and ones that don’t. {think VTech vs Melissa & Doug} And we almost always buy gender neutral — this way whenever Baby #2 joins our family, we can pass Adelaide’s toys down.

{top & shorts}{boots}

best gifts for christmas.

When it comes to gifts for Christmas, like almost everything else, we use Amazon as our go-to shopping destination. Adelaide has been really into all things music related {the piano below is her fave toy currently!}. So this year, Adelaide will be getting lots of musical instruments — get ready for the Fisher Family Band! But Santa will also be bringing her some books and puzzles to promote not only learning, but also fine motor skills!


What’s on your kid’s list for Santa? Only 7 Fridays till Christmas! 




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