If you’ve been anywhere near social media recently, you’ve being seeing holiday posts for weeks now. And isn’t that how it starts? First we barely get through Halloween before we’re planning our Thanksgiving feasts and then all of the sudden Santa is on his way and we’re screaming Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you, but I’m having heart palpitations just thinking about how quickly the holidays come and go and all of the one million things you have to fit into those short weeks. Holiday stress hits hard and fast if we’re not careful.

nine tips to avoid holiday stress.

  1. SMILE. It’s no secret that I am a runner — and the best advice I ever received when training for a long race was “SMILE, you can’t help but enjoy yourself”. And it’s true, smiling triggers something in your brain that genuinely makes you happier. So when you’re waiting in a long check-out line, sitting in traffic, or cleaning up after one more party — SMILE, I promise you’ll feel better!
  2. Exercise. I know, I know. Holidays are meant for eating and drinking! But moving your body for 30 minutes a day will release endorphins, boost your mood and keep your weight in check — which means more desserts!
  3. Shop Early. I must admit this has historically been a tough one for me — as much of a planner as I am, I’m not good at shopping early and always end up so stressed. This year I started shopping in August!
  4. Stick to your Budget. There is nothing worse than the credit card bill arriving in January only to realize that you went way overboard. Come up with your list of “to-buys” and create a budget for each. Then comes the hard part — sticking to it!
  5. Spend Quality Time. Is there anything worse than being somewhere so loud you can’t actually have a conversation? This holiday season, spend more QT with your close friends and family — catch up on what’s been going in each other’s lives this year.
  6. Just Say No. Speaking of quality time, let’s all learn how to say no this holiday season. There will be lots and lots of invites — it’s up to us to pick & choose. People will understand! After all, wouldn’t you?
  7. Set Good Deed Goals. It’s hard to think about volunteering when our holiday schedules are already so packed, but we started setting goals each year of how we would like to contribute over the holidays. It can be as simple as giving loose change to the Salvation Army ringers or as impactful as “adopting” a family to prepare a holiday meal for.
  8. Make Time for Self-Care. Again, I know it seems crazy that I’m suggesting you add one more thing to your schedule. But self care is important, no matter the length. Sometimes my self care is as simple as diffusing a Young Living lavender + joy combo while wearing 7-minute eye masks. Any time you can spend on you is more than worth it.
  9. Get Outside. With the days growing shorter and shorter, this can seem like a tall order. But Vitamin D is not only good for us, it’s necessary. Take a family walk, go ice skating, head to the park, ride your bike — just breathe some crisp, cool, fresh air this holiday season!

three other tips.

  1. Amazon! I feel a little like a broken record, but I am not joking when I say Amazon is our go-to for holiday shopping. Great prices, fast shipping and endless options — literally can’t go wrong!
  2. Sleep. I know this seems silly but when I’m not getting enough sleep my stress levels sky rocket almost instantly.
  3. Play Christmas music! Honestly, we’re already starting in our house — there’s just something about Christmas music that makes me so happy! It’s like the smile thing — you almost can’t avoid being happy!

So tell me loves, what do you do to beat holiday stress? 




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