I remember thinking before Adelaide was born: “I’m not going to be one of those moms … our lives won’t change.” Oh how foolish I was! I seriously laugh at myself now for even thinking such a thing! However, one thing that has not changed is our love for travel! We had Adelaide at her first out-of-town wedding at 8 weeks old and haven’t stopped traveling since!

Over the past year, I like to think that we’ve perfected traveling with a babe — though I’m sure a year from now, I’ll once again be laughing at myself! But for now, I’m going to give myself a pat on the back for traveling — often and well with our babe!


  • Pack just enough. The first trip we went on I am not joking when I say we packed everything but the kitchen sink — for ONE NIGHT away! Since then I’ve learned that less is truly more! {especially when it comes to flying with a babe, but that’s a whole post in itself!}
  • But don’t forget the essentials! Comfort items {wubbanubs for us!}, hand sanitizer, wipes, diapers, snacks & water bottles!
  • Bring surprises! Before our lonnnnnng flight to New Zealand a friend of mine told me her mom used to pack them a backpack full of new toys for every trip they went on! Totally fell in love with and stole this idea!
  • Plan pit stops. This one is twofold. Not only should you plan your route and select pitstops ahead of time, but it’s also a smart idea to pack the car in a way that you can easily access snacks, drinks, diapers, wipes, and toys.
  • Downsize your stroller. I suggest doing this for travel in general! Strollers take up so much room and are so heavy! We got our umbrella stroller before our trip to New Zealand and it has been oh-so-good to us!
  • Music! We don’t do “screentime” {no judgment if you do, we’re just avoiding it as long as possible!} but we do a lot of music! Everything from praise music to Drake will be playing in our car on a road trip — with lots of carpool karaoke sing alongs!
  • Drive during nap/nighttime. This might be the best suggestion on here. And one that we learned the hard way! Adelaide may not take the best car naps, but it definitely makes the trip feel shorter for her {and us} if she sleeps for half of it! Transitioning her to the convertible carseat {currently on SALE!!!} helped a lot too!
  • Have a backup plan!!! I can’t stress this enough — research your route, see if there’s a museum, a cool park, a fun playground, anything on your way! I was driving back from the beach solo with Adelaide when she completely melted down and out of nowhere I came across the cutest Children’s Museum! We now look up lots of potential stops along the way for “emergency situations”!

Adelaide: {similar}top, shorts, shoes — Lauren: tee, {similar}shorts, shoes

We’ve been roadtripping to the beach all summer long and these simple tips have kept us sane on our many treks! I’m sure I’m missing something though — so tell me, what are your travel tips?




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