It’s no secret that we’ve spent most of our summer at the beach! {apologies for the overload of beach posts!}

I must admit I was a bit nervous at the beginning of the summer, after all, Adelaide and I would be spending most weekdays there by ourselves! How was I ever going to haul us PLUS our stuff down to the beach?!

Well I’d like to think that halfway through the summer I have perfected it! But not without the help of some very necessary products!

  • a beach wagon — there is no other way to haul your stuff + your babe down to the beach
  • organic sunscreen — this is the only one that I’ve found that a) goes on easily and b) stays on!
  • enormous beach blanket — the LayDay brand is my personal fave … they’re big and dry very quickly!
  • an easy umbrella — we love the Sportbrella because the sides provide even more shade
  • entertaining sand toys — ie, Melissa & Doug ice cream set!

It doesn’t seem like a long list but it truly is all that we’ve taken to the beach all summer long! And it has been perfect!

So tell me, what do you take down to the beach for your babes?




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