Happy Thursday friends! Anyone else thinking this week seems awfully LONNNNNG?! But we’re over the hump and very close to the weekend!

I was lucky enough to be pregnant at the same time as several of my very best friends – and no, we didn’t have a pre-planned pregnancy pact. {Though I swear we should for our second babies!} Now even though we were all pregnant at the same time, I was the only one that had a girl! Literally y’all EVERYONE else had boys!

So as our babies have grown over the last year, one thing has remained the same … all the boy moms wish that Baby Boy clothes were ‘cuter’. And after posting what Adelaide will be wearing this Spring, I had several requests to hunt out the cutest baby boy duds! Now y’all as much as I dress Adelaide way more girly than I generally dress … if I had a boy, he’d be dressed in what I’d call “laid back, chill style”, in other words, the same way that my hubs dresses! {which reminds me I should totally do that post soon!}

123456 – 7 – 8910111213

So for all the boy moms out there … here’s what I’m thinking for Baby Boy’s Spring style!  

But tell me, what do you have for your little guy?




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