I have vivid memories {and photographic evidence} of wearing outfits that matched both of my sisters and my mom … probably when I was “too old” to still be doing so! It may be because I’m a little scarred from the extra-large hairbows and overdone floral dresses, but I swore I would never be the mom who matched her kid — until I was that mom.

mommy + me outfits

why you should give mommy + me outfits a try.

First of all, your kid will love it! And is there anything better than seeing your child’s face light up? You already know the answer to that, Mama! Every time Adelaide and I are wearing our matching outfits, she walks around so proud and legit can’t stop talking about it — which makes my Mama heart swell beyond belief. But if you need another reason beyond making your darling child unbelievably proud, then I’ve got couple more for you.

  • More options than Laura Ashley. Now I’m not hating on Laura Ashley, who is actually making a very trendy and cool comeback, but when I was young it seemed that was our only option when it came to Mommy + Me options! Now there are options no matter your style or how much {or little} you want to match your little.
  • Coordinating already. Have you ever heard that you start to look like the people you’re around all the time? Well, I bet you coordinate with your kids far more often than you even realize! This is actually how I really got on board with fully matching outfits — I realized that Adelaide and I were already coordinating most days!
mommy + me outfits

mommy + me done three ways.

mommy + me outfits


This is the way that we most often wear the Mommy + Me trend — for us, it’s the easiest. I tend to dress Adelaide in similar colors to what I generally wear, so we can coordinate {or even match!} pretty easily. My obsession with band tees is pretty obvious and I love that they’re making them for kiddos now too! This would be a great way for mamas to match their boys as well. If graphic tees aren’t your thing, you could always just do a white tee, jeans and a cool girl {or dude} sneaker like a pair of classic checkered Vans.


Even though I’m not much of a prepster, I love this look for Mommy + Me — it feels so bright and happy! For a preppy coordinating look, you could do white jeans paired with stripes which would work well for boy mamas as well. {Can you tell that I’m “training” myself on how to coordinate with my baby boy?!} Of course Lily Pulitzer reigns when it comes to Mommy + Me dresses — especially for summertime! But there are loads of more preppy options on Amazon as well!


Boho Mommy + Me is another way that I can totally get on board with when it comes to coordinating with Adelaide — mostly because I feel like both of our styles can be boho in their own ways. It’s also an easy way to coordinate without fully matching — think each of you in floral flowy dresses! Thankfully boho is a vibe that is constantly trending which also makes it pretty easy to find duds for both you and your little one. To be honest, this is a style that I haven’t quite figured out for the little dudes so any advice on this would be much appreciated!

So like I said earlier, I never thought I’d be the mom that dressed like her kids, but I also thought I would be anti-screentime and let’s be honest Daniel Tiger is now my jam — just like Mommy + Me outfits!

mommy + me outfits

What are your thoughts on Mommy + Me? Into it or totally avoid it? Drop it in the comments!

xo, LC
all photos by JLT Photography




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