The title of this post may be slightly misleading — but it’s true I’m going “back” to work! Though I’m not sure when I stopped to be honest!

my work journey.

So full disclosure: I started working at the age of 14 — at Domino’s pizza! You can stop laughing now — I’m serious! My best friend and I had to get special work permits to get jobs before we were 15! And y’all we were amazing phone answerers and order takers!

All joking aside, I can’t remember a time that I haven’t had some sort of a job! So even though I knew staying home with Adelaide was absolutely the right decision for me, for her, and for our family, I also knew I would need something of “my own.” So as I continued my personal styling business, the blog was also launched! And it has been a wild seven months learning the ins & outs of blogging and social media — and working hard to become an influencer!

All of this has led me to exactly where I am right now — launching another piece of LC Style Report.

the new pieces.

I am proud to officially represent two amazing brands with even more amazing purposes — Sseko Designs and Beautycounter.

I know, I know — there are literally one million multilevel marketing companies out there. But TBH — there are not many that match the goals of these two.

why I chose Sseko Designs.

Sseko designs is a woman-run company whose main purpose is to enable Ugandan women the opportunity to start a college scholarship for themselves. Sseko does this through the sales of bags, accessories, and footwear handmade by the same Ugandan women who are incredibly eager to attend university.

The best part about being a Sseko fellow? I have my very own “Sseko Sister” — everyone meet Sarah! She just recently started university with the money she made through Sseko Designs. It has been so rewarding to be on her journey and I can’t wait to continue to help not only her, but other Sseko women!

why I chose Beautycounter.

People close to me know that I am a BIG essential oils fan — my family and I use almost exclusively oils + holistic meds. In fact, naturopathy + oils are the only things that pulled me out of my postpartum anxiety & depression, but that’s a story for a different day.

Enter Beautycounter. The answer to my skincare + makeup needs. And another woman-run company. {girl power y’all!} Beautycounter is clean skincare that works. I’m not going to lie, I tried LOTS of skincare and makeup before I finally found one that checked all my boxes — CLEAN, effective and safe for Adelaide. {Baby Girl is already in the makeup y’all!}

what you can expect.

I’ll give you my top two.

  1. No hard sales. It’s not me — I want you to choose Sseko Designs and/or Beautycounter for the same reasons I did — you want to use brands with a purpose.
  2. Open book policy. This may go right along with the ‘no hard-selling’ policy, but I will never lead you in the wrong direction in the name of a sale. You’ve got questions. I’ve got honest answers.

my favorite products.

Each of these pieces I personally own and use on a very regular basis. In fact, a lot of the skin care I use multiple times a day. The backpack: my new mom bag. I’m telling y’all these companies will become your go-tos for everyday life.


As I said, every single one of my “favorite products” I use on a very regular basis! They have not only changed my complexion, but also have made my life easier — both of which are critical for busy mamas like me!

I am so looking forward to growing this new piece of my business and hope that you will join me on my journey!

If you’d like to know more about any Beautycounter or Sseko Designs products, please don’t hesitate to email me at




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