As you may know by now, I am all about clean beauty and skincare — really for our whole family. {If you need a refresher on why, read more here.} This is the first summer that I will be practicing a full clean beauty routine and I’ve had some people ask questions about what exactly my routine is — so what better place to share than right here on the blog!

Summertime for us means a lot of time outside — which can be so harsh on your skin! So while I haven’t changed up my skincare routine much, there are some additions — think even more moisturizer! And of course my new favorite mask is a weekly necessity — especially for helping cleanse after a week full of sunscreen!

summer skincare + clean beauty

my skincare routine.

Once I wrote everything out, it seems like so much! But I promise my entire routine takes 10 — MAYBE 15 minutes — total in a whole day!

morning routine.

Rejuvenating cleanser. To be honest, it wasn’t that long ago that I used whatever soap was in the shower as my facial cleanser. Thankfully Beautycounter introduced me to a simple skincare regimen that included this amazing cleanser that I now use every morning. It’s gentle and not overly drying, which for me is crucial.

DIY Toner. As you know, I’m a big fan of Young Living essential oils. {Read more about our oils journey here.} And this DIY toner is my personal favorite — gentle on your skin and gives your skin the perfect glow. {recipe at the end of the post.}

Rejuvenating day cream. My skin has become extremely dry since having Adelaide, but during the summer {especially in my third trimester} when I’m sweating pretty much all the time I don’t want to look extra shiny. This face cream keeps my hydrated without being oily — a win win.

Beautycounter 5 minute makeup. I don’t know about other mamas, but I have zero time to get myself ready anymore. So anything that can keep me looking halfway decent without taking a ton of time is right up my alley. A little bit of tint skin, a swipe of blush and some mascara pretty much sums up my daily beauty routine.

summer skincare + clean beauty

evening routine.

Cleansing balm. I’ve got to be honest, I was hesitant about this cleansing balm at first — it’s different in that you don’t use water on your face. But now it is my obsession — I use it every night before bed. It easily takes off the day’s makeup and buildup and moisturizes at the same time!

Rejuvenating night cream. When I first started using Beautycounter, I started with the Countermatch regimen, but quickly switched to the Rejuvenating regimen for some added moisture and anti-aging properties. The night cream might be my favorite part of this regimen — I feel like my skin just drinks it up every night.

Eye rescue cream. I have tried so many eye creams over the years in an attempt to beat {or at least slow} the aging process. And all of them were mediocre at best — until I found my favorite Beautycounter eye cream! Although you can use this cream twice a day, I only use it at night and even just once a day, it combats my dark circles and puffiness — even when my toddler doesn’t want to sleep in!

Lip conditioner. I used to use Chapstick or some version of it throughout the entire day — like an addiction almost. I gave it up “cold turkey”, but still found myself needing something for my lips especially after being out in the sun for much of the day. This lip conditioner is the best — moisturizes and nourishes overnight so much that I don’t have to think about anything for my lips the next day!

summer skincare + clean beauty

the others.

Aztec clay mask. The cult-favorite mask! I wasn’t a believer until I tried it — and y’all it is really that good. In the summer with sunscreen and sweat, I feel like I need a lot of extra cleansing for my pores. And this mask does just that! We use it once a week religiously. {and yes, I said we — Walt loves it too!}

Overnight resurfacing peel. This peel is a lifesaver for me — mostly because it requires almost nothing from me. You simply wash your face, apply the peel followed by your night cream and hit the hay. Now that is skincare I can get on board with!

Charcoal mask. I love a good charcoal mask and this one instantly had my approval — it’s gentle while still purifying. I use this mask once a week — focusing on my T-zone.

Sunscreen. When we’re at the pool, this is the only sunscreen we use. It works so well — no sunburns for us — and isn’t filled with all the scary ingredients that so many sunscreens out there are.

summer skincare + clean beauty

I know it looks like such a process, but I promise it’s not — I couldn’t keep up with it if it was! My biggest concern is to be sure that I am only using products without harmful ingredients — especially being pregnant with Baby Boy! But of course, I want to keep my skin looking good and hopefully fight the aging process as much as I can — and all of these products have so far been successful in doing just that.

Clean skincare is something I am so passionate about and I want to share that with everyone! If you’re ready to switch your beauty and skincare routine to CLEAN, please reach out to me! I love answering questions about Beautycounter and Young Living!

What are your favorite clean beauty products?

xo, LC

DIY Face Toner Recipe




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