Does anyone else get cabin fever in the winter? Because we sure do! Our family is meant to be outside — maybe everyone’s is? — so when the days get a little longer and the temperatures warm up every so slightly, that’s exactly where we spend most of our days. But gone are the days of devouring a good book on the patio with a nice glass of rosé. Now I spend my days trying to entertain a toddler with boundless energy while not breaking the bank. Enter my top picks for {almost} free activities for you and your kids this spring!

spring activities for kids

{almost} free spring activities.

Okay the reason they’re almost free is that while most of these won’t cost money in terms of purchasing tickets and/or overpriced amusement park food, there are some costs involved with a few of my suggestions.

spring activities for kids
  1. Plant an herb garden. This is one of our favorites from last year and I am so looking forward to growing herbs again this year. Most kids love to play in the dirt and this is a way to make those dirty hands and clothes actually have a purpose. Plus what kid doesn’t love to play with a water hose?
  2. Feed the ducks. We have a park just down the street with a massive pond that used to be filled with ducks. Nowadays, the ducks are harder to find {I’m not sure the reason for their relocation} but we can usually still find a few. And Adelaide is all for it — plus it’s a great way to use up old bread!
  3. Enjoy a picnic in the park. Plan your duck feedings around a mealtime and you can double up on activities! Adelaide loves having a picnic {even indoor picnics} and I honestly love not having to wrangle her into a chair at the dinner table. Plus easy clean up!
  4. Visit your local farmers market. This is another great one for getting energy out while also getting things accomplished … are you noticing a trend here?! I am literally counting down until our big county market is filled with all sorts of fresh, local produce and meats. And Adelaide loves to people watch, taste test, and walk around our huge farmers market!
  5. Host a neighborhood scavenger hunt. This is a great idea for Spring Break if you’ve got lots of neighborhood kids with nothing to do. And it can be good for kids of all ages to do together — keep it simple for the little ones though! {think hiding things in plain sight!}
  6. Pick flowers and make a bouquet. We have these gorgeous old rose bushes in our yard from the previous owners and I look forward to them blooming every year! They make the prettiest arrangements by just adding some greenery also found in the yard. Adelaide loves to sniff flowers and this is such a fun activity for her … just be careful of the thorns!
  7. Check out a new playground. I must admit, we are spoiled by having a park within walking distance of our house. But sometimes, I swear Adelaide gets bored by the same ol’ stuff … that’s when I know it’s time to switch it up. Charlotte has loads of amazing green spaces and playgrounds that are only a short drive from our house and always cure the boredom blues!
  8. Hit up a splashpad. In Charlotte, Spring heats up FAST. I find that we need a water activity sooner than expected every year. Thank goodness for our local splashpads! There are several spread out across the city which is fun because we get to cool off, but also because we get to check out a part of the city we might not frequent.
  9. Watch the sunset with mocktails. Okay so you don’t have to do this with mocktails but it’s so much fun! Adelaide loves feeling like she’s getting something special so we’ll make her a mocktail that’s mostly water, a splash of seltzer and a splash of juice. Throw a blanket down in the yard and enjoy your mocktails {or cocktails parents!} while the sun goes down.
spring activities for kids

Like I said, we love to be outside when the weather is nice — it’s good for everyone! We have officially added all nine of these to our Spring Bucket List {more on that to come} and I am looking forward to checking them off with my sweet little family.

spring activities for kids

So what about you, do you spend a lot of time outside? What are your go-to activities for kiddos?

xo, LC




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