Spring Break is this week and we are taking full advantage of a week off — well at least Adelaide and I are, poor Walt is still working! I like to create “bucket lists” for our holiday breaks so that we don’t look back and realize that we haven’t done anything special. A bucket list is a great way to schedule a whole lot of fun!

our spring break plans.

Adelaide and I are heading back to the island farm to visit my mom and stepdad for part of the week. We haven’t been since Christmas and after spending so much of last summer, there my bones are aching for some salt air — and I’m just assuming that Adelaide’s are too! I’m hoping that the warm weather we’re having this week will stick around so that we can hit the beach, even though the water is still way too cold for me! We’ll most likely spend our days feeding chickens, taking walks on the beach and eating delicious local seafood — and I am here for it. I’m ready for some downtime with my best girl!

our spring break bucket list.

Like I said earlier, I love creating bucket lists for all of our holiday breaks. Otherwise it feels like a week {or weeks} slip by and we haven’t done not much beyond our ordinary days. And I am always trying to create memories for Adelaide — and for us! Last week, I posted about our {almost} free spring activities and some of those definitely made our bucket list too!

As you can see, some of these are beach specific but lots of them aren’t because I want to create memories not just for me and Adelaide, but for our whole family. So a lot of these we’ll check off once we’re home from the beach. Our Spring Break will likely always fall over Easter so I’d like to have an Easter egg hunt become part of our Easter traditions — including either family or friends … or both! And family dance parties are honestly part of our normal activities, but I love the idea of making sure it happens at least once over Spring Break — if not everyday! I’m thinking of having our Easter brunch as a park picnic instead of the traditional brunch-after-church get together. This is something that Adelaide would absolutely love, plus we’d all be soaking up some sun and Vitamin D!

So tell me – do you make bucket lists for your family? What are your Spring Break plans? Let me know in the comments!

xo, LC




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