Though this is technically Adelaide’s second Christmas, last year we traveled to New Zealand {yes, with a 9 month old!} for my sister’s wedding so we didn’t do anything in a traditional sense. And as amazing as being with my entire family for two weeks over the holidays was, our Christmas was quite different than what I hope will become our Christmas “norm”. So this year we’re setting out to start our own traditions that we hope will be long-lasting for our little fam!

our new traditions.

I’ve got to be honest — I am a BIG fan of all things Christmas and I am so excited to share my love of the holiday with Adelaide!

First and foremost, I want to start teaching her now what the real meaning of Christmas is — which is why we won’t be doing an Elf on the Shelf but instead opting for the Shepherd on the Search. I love that this is such an easy way to have the story of Jesus’ birth in your house each and every day of Advent. It also doesn’t require as much “Pinterest work” as the Elf does! Ha!

Speaking of Advent, my mom gave me the best idea for an Advent calendar — instead of receiving a gift each day, we will be filling a basket with small donations each day that will be donated to our church on Christmas Eve. These will mostly be donated to our church’s Room In The Inn program — which serves homeless men, women and families during the winter months.

Another tradition I want to start this year is cutting down our Christmas tree! Growing up, we did this and I have the most fond memories of wandering a Christmas tree farm in search of the most perfect tree with my sisters! There is something so special about not only choosing the perfect tree, but also watching as it is cut down and loaded onto your car! It’s almost as if it was grown just for you!

our first christmas tree farm visit.

We visited Blowing Rock over the weekend and found the cutest Christmas tree farm just outside of Boone! It has been a family run farm for years and because we were there before their busiest weekend of the year, we had the privilege of meeting the entire family! We learned all about how long it takes to grow a Frasier Fir and were amazed by how long it actually takes!

When we arrived at the tree farm, we were greeted with hot chocolate {coffee for me after a restless night for little lady} and were ushered onto a tractor driven hayride! I think this was Adelaide’s favorite part! The hayride takes you to the farm itself where you get to walk around until you find your perfect tree! This was a nearly impossible task — there were so many beautiful trees to choose from — and so many gorgeous {and distracting!} views!

Adelaide was amazing — she was not afraid of the tractor ride and became obsessed with smelling every single tree! We finally settled on a tree and watched them cut it down right in front of us! And the best part: our perfect little tree got to ride back on the hayride with us! Adelaide couldn’t stop smelling her tree!

I am so excited that Baby Girl was such a huge help in picking out her first Christmas tree and can’t wait to decorate!

what are your holiday traditions?




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