why we said yes to preschool.

As you may know, before Adelaide was even born, we made the choice for me to become a SAHM {stay at home mom}. And for the first year of her life, the only people that she stayed with were family members. But we knew that this could only go on for so long — not only does she have such a big personality, but we felt like she really needed to be around other children her age, as well as trustworthy adults who weren’t family members! And a huge plus … her being in preschool two days a week allows me some time to work on personal styling and blogging!

questions to ask on a preschool tour.

  1. What is the teacher to student ratio?
  2. Are there food restrictions?
  3. How is discipline handled? {including conflicts between kiddos!}
  4. What is the individual class schedule?
  5. Are there teacher conferences scheduled during the year?
  6. Can I visit my child’s classroom?
  7. Is snack or lunch provided?
  8. Does the school help with potty training?
  9. How often are toys sanitized?
  10. Is there outdoor time?
  11. How do they ‘teach’ curriculum?
  12. What are their guiding principles? {especially important if looking at Christian schools}

what we decided on.

Ultimately, we decided on our church’s preschool program. For us, these next few years were more about fostering a sense of community, and less about rote learning. We wanted Adelaide to be able to develop relationships with children her age, adults with a Christian background, as well as learn about the Bible outside of our home. We are officially one month into school, and couldn’t be happier with our choice! She is already learning so much, loves her teachers and classmates, and we’ve even met some new parents friends!

So what about you, have you done the preschool tours yet? What did you decide on? Did I miss any questions?




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