I’ve got to be honest, when I had several people ask me about a registry for Baby Boy, I was kind of shocked. Do people create registries for second babies? Did I want to create one? Was I going to have a “sprinkle”? Was there a point to a second registry? And yes — I have this many questions about everything!

Ultimately, I decided to create a registry for this Baby Boy growing bigger by the day! And today I’m sharing why I did and my second baby essentials.

second baby registry essentials

why I decided on a registry for baby #2.

  1. The biggest reason: every baby should be celebrated! This little boy means no less to us than Adelaide did … and still does. So why shouldn’t we create special ways to celebrate him too? I think this was something that I hadn’t actually thought through until some of our kind friends and families started asking about a registry for Baby Boy. And it got me thinking, why would I not have one?
  2. Which leads to my next reason: people will ask if you have a registry for your subsequent children. And how freakin’ nice is this?! It’s a true reminder of reason #1 and of the love you have from family and friends, as well as the love they have for your children. And y’all — this is reason enough to create a registry!
  3. Completion discounts! This reason is totally stolen from a girlfriend of mine who just had her second baby and scored her double jogger at 15% off … those things never go on sale either! Registry completion discounts will come in huge for the big ticket items that we’ll need for Baby #2 — and I’m all about a discount!

second baby registry must-haves.

portable bassinet.

For Adelaide, we used the Rock ‘n Play, but with the recent recall I am honestly terrified to use it. So we need an “upgrade” for Baby Boy, and this bassinet that folds is space-saving and easily transportable — that is IF we ever feel bold enough to travel with two kiddos.

second sound machine.

I’m not sure that we’ve ever gone a night without Adelaide’s sound machine. And Baby Boy will be the exact same way — sleep is way too precious to risk it! The Dohm sound machine has been our favorite and I love that this one has the travel-friendly version as well!

all the white onesies.

Before Adelaide was born, a friend of mine told me to get a huge pack of white onesies. And because I didn’t know what I was doing, I followed orders. But quickly realzied how handy a white onesie is in those early days when I felt like I was either a) staying at home all day or b) changing the baby 147 times!

dual cameras.

Baby monitors are sort of the bane of my existence, which I know sounds intense but I swear we have been through three and I’ve never liked any of them. This camera comes highly recommended and can work two cameras through the same app for both kiddos!

double jogging stroller.

We use our single jogger all the time and I have no doubt that a double jogger will be used equally as much! This is also one of those big ticket items that would be amazing to get the registry completion discount on!

additional stroller seat.

We got the UppaBaby Vista stroller with Adelaide because of it’s capability to become a double stroller — and because IMHO it’s the best stroller out there! So now we just need a second seat for our Vista — though I may go ahead and get the ride-on board too.

baby carrier.

I loved baby-wearing with Adelaide — even when she was my only baby! I imagine that our Ergobaby will come in extra handy when there are two babes to take care of! We actually own this one so it won’t be on our second-baby registry, but I couldn’t leave it off the list!

all of the diapers.

Can you believe that I didn’t even have diapers on my first registry?! Newbie mom, I don’t know what I was thinking. This time around, I’m adding all the diapers because if there is one thing you can never have enough of it’s diapers!

off-registry needs.

This list is something that you won’t find in any store {sort of}, but are all things that any new mom {me included!} would be thrilled to receive!

  • grocery and/or meal delivery. grocery runs with one kid are hard enough … two, especially in those early days, could prove to be impossible!
  • manicure & pedicure gift certificate. Pampering and down-time are musts for new moms — and what better way to do just that than a trip to the nail salon!
  • house cleaning session. I was so lucky with Adelaide that my mom was here and was willing to clean our house for us for like 3 weeks! But the gift of house cleaning is top on the list of perfect gifts for new moms!
  • bottle of her favorite wine. After all, she did just go 9 months with no alcohol!
  • babysitting! Babysitting will not only give Mama time with the new babe, but it can also be a fun time for the toddler as well!

There you have it — my second baby registry! Something I thought I would never do, but after much thought and so many questions about it, I did … and am so glad! It’s made this whole pregnancy feel so much more real and so much more exciting! And of course, Amazon made it oh-so-easy. You can find these items plus a few more additions on my Amazon Influencer page!

Now it’s your turn to tell me — did you create a registry for your second {or third or fourth} child? What were your must-haves?

xo, LC




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