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I am an advocate for affordable fashion no matter your lifestyle. I believe that everyone should have their own ‘brand’.

What makes you an individual? What’s your lifestyle? Where are you most comfortable? Who is your biggest influence? Where do you work? What’s your favorite hobby? Where do you spend most of your time?

The answers to these questions are what I use to create YOUR brand. Because life is about more than just good style.

LC Style Report focuses on affordable branding for everyone. From recent college grads to new moms to professionals and everyone in between.

I’ve always considered myself very capable of shopping for and dressing myself – until I met Lauren. She has such an effortless way of piecing things together that I never would have thought of but that totally fit my style and personality. Best part is, I feel like she knows my closet better than I do. Every time she picks something new for me, it fits perfectly with things I already own. LC Style Report has really opened up my mind to trying new things and given me the tools and confidence to look great from the office to the airplane!



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I have lived all over the world, most recently in the Dominican Republic serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer. 
I finished my service, secured a job in NYC and found myself staring at a closet I hadn’t seen in 3 years. 
I originally met LC in Charlotte and knew I had to contact her for help. Her process was flawless. First, she helped me “closet cleanse”. Next, she re-wardrobed my clothes to create a chic New York wardrobe that still fits my personality, complete with plenty of animal print and sparkle (thanks DR for making me a little tackier than I should be!). Now, she sends me seasonal style boards that keep my wardrobe on-trend without breaking the bank!
I can’t recommend her services enough!


Lauren has been my stylist for years. I am most confident in myself when I am wearing an outfit I absolutely love. Lauren has the incredible talent of looking at something and transforming it into a look that turns heads and begs compliments from strangers. What was once an anxiety inducing chore, I now look forward to our shopping excursions. Lauren is amazing at finding things that are both work and party appropriate, which allows me to buy more for less! Lauren goes above and beyond in everything that she does, which makes her so great at what she does.





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