Let me tell you what’s hard: marriage. Now please understand, I would choose Walt every single moment of every single day but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy every single moment of every single day. One thing that we have found that does make things “better” in the “worse” is a regular date night. Our goal is one a month — we tried more often but found that work, baby, friends, family, life made scheduling a bit too stressful.. So for us, spending time disconnecting one on one once a month is enough — you may find you need more than this. Either way … date your husband. {or wife or significant other or whomever you call your most special person}

six reasons why you should date your husband.

  1. Feed your romance. It seems obvious, but dating will spark those early romantic feelings you had and keep them alive.
  2. Take a break from the kids. It’s not that you don’t love your littles, but we all need a break sometimes.
  3. Shows you care. Sometimes our hubs need a reminder that they’re important {and so do we!}
  4. It’s fun! No matter what your date night consists of, it’s guaranteed to be fun!
  5. It’ll lead to even more fun. I’ll let you take this one how you will … Maybe it’s in the bedroom or maybe it’s just in wanting to date your hubs even more!
  6. It’s the two of you against the world. Our vows included for better & for worse … And we have certainly seen some “worse,” but dating each other reminds us that we’re in it together.


three rules of date night.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t always like to follow the rules. But even this rule follower set some guidelines for our date nights. These three rules apply to our at-home date nights the same as they do when we go out!

  1. No phones. Even if you have a sitter — check in as few times as possible.
  2. No kids. This may step on some toes. But we found that even if Adelaide wasn’t with us, we were ONLY talking about her. Now we find ourselves talking about ourselves. 
  3. No complaints. Everyday life is what date nights are made to escape from, so keep the negativity out of it! 

eleven date night ideas.

Not all date nights have to be lavish affairs {I assure you I’m not always in stilettos for date night} — some of our most favorite date nights have been at our own house playing board games!

  1. Cook dinner together. Seems like old news, but spend time cooking together — whether it’s your favorite simple pizza or a new, adventurous recipe.
  2. Have a picnic in your backyard. Again, food + no babysitter costs + alone time … how can you lose?
  3. Take a bike ride to your favorite brewery. Or restaurant. Or ice cream shop. Wherever. Just get out, move your body, be together.
  4. Get your favorite restaurant dessert … to-go. This is one of our faves. It’s so little effort, so little time … so it’s the perfect way to say “I see you” after the babes go to bed on a school night.
  5. Go to a play. Or a movie. Or a comedy show. But get out, see the latest show, and then let people know you’re hella cool.
  6. Play boardgames. Another of our favorites — perfect for any night of the week, costs no money, and if you play Scrabble — challenges your brain.
  7. Make fancy cocktails to enjoy outside {or by the fire}. If you’re anything like me, you see the fancy cocktails floating around Insta, but enjoying one of these $15 cocktails also requires paying a babysitter. So why not DIY? Plus you can wear loungewear instead of heels.
  8. Revisit your first date spot. Or your favorite date spot. Either way, sure to ignite those first love flames.
  9. Go to a sporting event. It’s no secret that I love football, but I’m also super competitive so it’s hard to find a sport that I won’t cheer for. But even if sports aren’t your thing, I’ll bet your hubs enjoys them and there’s always popcorn, nachos and beer to indulge in!
  10. Listen to live music. It could be your fave band at a big venue or it could be a local dive bar with an acoustic guitar … either way, live music is sure to liven up any night.
  11. Watch your wedding video. I know this sounds so cheesy … trust me, every time I suggest it, Walt gives me a slight eye roll. But every time we do, we’re reminded of how amazing our big day was, and I honestly think we feel like those fresh-faced newlyweds again!

So tell me loves, what are your date night go-tos? How often do you date your husband? 





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