new years eve three ways.

I know, I know -- we haven't even gotten past Christmas yet and here I am talking about New Year's Eve! But a girl's got to plan what she's wearing!  A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of doing a photoshoot with some local Charlotte bloggers! And y'all we had the best...

gift guide | last minute gifts from amazon.

Where are you in your Christmas shopping? Done? Loads left to do?  I'm somewhere in the middle -- most of my shopping is done, but I haven't wrapped a single gift yet! We've got SIX DAYS till Christmas -- that's enough time to get everything done, right?!  Today I'm...

holiday travel tips for families.

Each year after the holidays, we say "let's not be so busy next year" ... and every year we're busy. This is not a complaint -- we are so lucky to be able to see all of our family over the busy holiday season! But it means a lot of travel -- now with a toddler in...

gift guide | gifts for your guy.

Anyone else think that the men in your life are the most impossible to shop for? Whether it's my hubs, my dad or my father-in-law, finding the perfect gift seems a near impossible task. So I searched the interwebs high and low for the perfect gifts for our guys! 15...

gift guide | gifts for your gal.

You knew it was coming ... gifts for the ladies! Now I'm not saying we deserve the world ... but we deserve the world. what the ladies want. It's no secret that most women want to be spoiled, pampered, the works. I know I do! We work hard -- raising babies, working 9...

gift guide | 29 gifts under $25

My most requested gift guide to date! The 50 Under $50 was a huge hit, but so many of you wanted an under $25 gift guide -- for teachers, babysitters, neighbors, everyone! So here it is -- my top 29 gifts under $25! 29 gifts under $25   the best part about under $25...

four holiday party looks.

How many holiday parties do you have coming up? I have a handful, but I feel like the closer it gets to Christmas, the more parties pop up! I like to have a few holiday party looks on hand so that there is no stress when a party pops up! what to wear to an ornament...

our trip to the christmas tree farm.

Though this is technically Adelaide's second Christmas, last year we traveled to New Zealand {yes, with a 9 month old!} for my sister's wedding so we didn't do anything in a traditional sense. And as amazing as being with my entire family for two weeks over the...

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