our spring break bucket list.

Spring Break is this week and we are taking full advantage of a week off -- well at least Adelaide and I are, poor Walt is still working! I like to create "bucket lists" for our holiday breaks so that we don't look back and realize that we haven't done anything...

why I use essentials oils for my family.

We are big time users of essential oils in our house, but it hasn't always been that way. I must admit I did my fair share of questioning these oils that are now an essential part of our everyday lives. {see what I did there?} The one thing I have never questioned:...

easter ideas for kids.

Growing up, Easter was always an important time in our house. From attending church each Sunday during lent to dying Easter eggs with my grandmother in her beach house garage, I have such fond memories of the weeks leading up to Easter. And of course, am trying to...

my amazon closet | boho edition.

Amazon has quickly become one of my favorite places to shop for each season's latest trends. Though I will admit, it can be time consuming to search through the pages and pages of clothes and accessories, but I have been so impressed by almost everything I've...

animal print three ways.

It's no secret that animal prints from leopard to snakeskin and everything in between are seriously trending right now. And it's not going anywhere anytime soon. However, even though animal prints are everywhere it can still be tricky to figure out how to incorporate...

what I learned in year two of parenting.

Well just like that Adelaide is TWO. I know it sounds so cliche, but I honestly can't believe it -- it seems like just yesterday we were talking about her first birthday. If you're a parent, you know that the unsolicited advice is never ending, but one piece that...

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