In the eight months since Baby Girl has been here I have struggled to find the perfect diaper bag. I’ve carried the Louis Vuitton Neverfull forever and thought it would be the perfect diaper bag. I was wrong. It was heavy, and hard to carry while also toting Baby Girl. So I switched to a backpack which I liked – for a little while. Easier to carry while also carrying a baby but I was always digging to find what I needed.

Enter Freshly Picked’s new diaper bag! Now we all know Freshly Picked for their adorable moccasins, but they recently came out with the best diaper bag known to man. This bag is amazing. 10 interior pockets that actually fit real diaper bag necessities! A “grab & go” handle perfect for carrying short distances. Metal feet on the bottom so it doesn’t touch any grimy surfaces … we’re not friends of germies. And one of my fave things: you can wipe the whole thing down when the inevitable spill happens!

Plus it’s an amazing looking bag that goes with any outfit!

All the neccessities {the clean & tidy version at least!}

So much pretty organization I can’t stand it! Plus easier to carry! #winning

So go Mamas … or soon-to-be-mamas … And get one of these amazing bags! You won’t regret it! I know I certainly don’t!




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