I’m not sure why but 35 has always been my ‘scary age’ … it’s not old and isn’t age just a number anyways?

Well today, I have reached the “dreaded” thirty five years old. And I’ve got to say there’s not a single scary thing about it. Partly because I’m spending this beautiful day with my sweet family and partly because now that I’m here 35 effing ROCKS.

Now there have been a lot of “scary” moments leading up to this birthday, but looking back all of them have been just what I needed to get me to exactly this point. And there is absolutely nowhere I’d rather be.

So on my 35th birthday I’m going to leave you with a few things I’m thankful for and a few goals for my next 35 years. {and yes, that’s oddly reminiscent of a Tim McGraw song}

  • My beautiful daughter. It’s not always easy, and we have certainly had our fair share of ups and downs. But I am thankful every single day that God made me her mom. She is easily my greatest gift and always will be.
  • My husband & very best friend. I’m still not sure how I ever did life without him but I am beyond grateful every day that he chose me. He is my rock, my sounding board, and my biggest supporter.
  • My Rose. Those that know me well, know that her days are numbered, but my rescue dog {who really rescued me} Rosie is the best and we’re spending this summer checking off her bucket list.
  • Faith. I don’t talk about my faith on here very often and to be honest, I’m not sure why. It’s a huge part of my life and I truly don’t know where I’d be without Jesus. Since having Adelaide and suffering from both postpartum anxiety & depression, my faith in God has grown incredibly strong. And that is something worth talking about. {look out for a post soon}
  • My Body. I struggle with the fact that my body is “not the same”. But starting now, I’m moving on because you know what else isn’t “the same”? ME. For the better. My body is not the same because I carried and gave birth to a child. So who cares if my clothes are a bit more tight? I am a mom and that is worth it.
  • Travel. Walt and I made a pact after our trip to New Zealand to travel more often. Adelaide loves it and we do too! We decided that we’re going to travel to a new state every year for the next 50 years! We’re pretty excited and hope to have lots of international travel as well — especially back to our honeymoon spot in the Exumas!
  • The Blog. This little blog of mine has grown so much in just the past few months and I am so thankful for all of my readers and followers. Starting a blog is scary and it’s so hard to not get down on yourself {like as in daily} when you don’t get the likes or the clicks. The comparison game is killer y’all. So for now, I’m just rolling with what feels good to me and using this blog as the creative outlet that I so crave. So thank you, for indulging me and following along.

So that’s it — a little piece of what’s going through my brain on this 35th birthday of mine. Turns out 35 isn’t scary at all, in fact, it’s really quite beautiful.




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