If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that we’ve been hard at work on Adelaide’s “big girl room” — which is simultaneously so exciting and heartbreaking to be honest. I’ve had a Pinterest board going for some time now, in an attempt to create a bedroom for her that is both toddler appropriate, but also a room she can grow into. But I wanted to share my inspiration here too!

dresserrugbedlampswan headsetteegiraffe headchandelier

So first, you should know that there is no shortage of color, pattern and texture in our house — like every single room of our house! So when we decided to move Adelaide from her nursery into her new {and bigger} room, I knew I wanted to carry the same fun and colorful scheme into this room as well. The goal was to create a room that was both whimsical and functional — a mix of boho and modern, which is a pretty common theme in our whole house.

whimsical touches.

The first word that comes to mind when I think of a toddler-girl bedroom is whimsical. I feel like at this age kids are starting to play pretend more, they want to dress up in costume and just in general their imaginations are really coming to life. I wanted Adelaide’s room to play into all of these things so I was instantly drawn to animal heads and dress-up racks.

modern mix-ins.

As I said earlier, our house is pretty eclectic, but one element I try to mix into every room is modern pieces. Mixing in modern pieces is something I try to do in the kids’ rooms as well. I did this in Adelaide’s nursery and plan to bring these same modern pieces {plus maybe a couple more} into her big girl room!

functional fixes.

Kid’s rooms must be functional — after all, at some point they’ll be able to play in there by themselves. {or that’s the goal at least! ha!} So when creating a plan for Adelaide’s big girl room I knew I wanted {and needed} some very functional pieces that would work for a while in her room. And yes — a dress-up clothing rack is 100% functional!

I’ve actually been hard at work on Adelaide’s room … and she’s even already transitioned into her big girl bed {cue mama tears}! There are still some finishing touches that need to be done and after that I promise there will be a big reveal! Her room is officially my new favorite room in the house!

xo, LC




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