We are big time users of essential oils in our house, but it hasn’t always been that way. I must admit I did my fair share of questioning these oils that are now an essential part of our everyday lives. {see what I did there?} The one thing I have never questioned: what brand of oils to use — Young Living or nothing.

my oils journey.

It all started in 2014 when I read a terrifying article about the effects that burning candles can have on your respiratory system. It was one of those that I’m still not even sure if it’s 100% accurate, but I haven’t burned a candle since. It was about the same time that someone reached out to me about Young Living essential oils. I honestly wasn’t that sold on the health benefits of oils, but I needed something {besides candles} to rid my house of what seemed like a constant smell of dogs. So I became a member of Young Living and within the week my Premium Starter Kit complete with my first ever diffuser was at my house.

I diffused various oils on their own and in combination with no real purpose other than they smelled delightful. Until mid 2014 when Walt was diagnosed with a herniated disc in his back. You see there is no cure or quick fix for a herniated disc, surgery is an option, but this can also lead to more surgeries in the future — obviously something we are trying to avoid. He did physical therapy, which helped, but the pain was still there. He was willing to try anything, so I started doing my research on essential oils and back pain.

A lot of what we needed for pain relief had come in my starter kit, and what we didn’t have I quickly ordered. And y’all — it worked. Was his back instantly healed? Not at all. Was the pain gone? You better believe it — even though at times it was hard for us to.

From then on, we were hooked on oils and I started adding more and more to my monthly Essential Rewards order — which also meant I was earning points every single month — which led to free oils. This all felt like such a win to me!

Flash forward a couple years and I was pregnant with Adelaide and suffering from horrible pregnancy insomnia and indigestion. This is when the bedtime diffuser combo we now use every night was created. And you guessed it — I started sleeping. Which as any mom-to-be can tell you is a huge accomplishment in your third trimester. As for the indigestion, I just was not interested in putting a lot of meds in my body while I was sharing it with a tiny human, and essential oils allowed me to prevent that from happening!

We’ve used oils on Adelaide since she was 3 weeks old {diluted of course} and I have never one time questioned their safety or effectiveness. Young Living has created an entire line of oils just for kiddos and they can help with everything from witching hour fussiness to painful gas and upset tummies. Not only that, but Young Living has an incredible line of skincare for kiddos and we’ve never used anything but products from the KidScents line on Adelaide after learning how many brands have sneaky ways of concealing the harmful chemicals in their products.

why use Young Living essential oils?

Three words: Seed to Seal. This means that there is nothing added to the oil from the time that it is a tiny seed until the time it is sealed in its bottle. And y’all there are not many {or any} companies that can say this. There are so many drugstore oils that are either diluted or have harmful additives in them. And I don’t know about you, but when trying to live more cleanly I try to avoid sneaky and harmful additions to what I’m putting in and/or on my body. Not only is Young Living a very transparent company, but it is an amazingly supportive community to be a part of — plus when you join you get a lifetime discount! {all the praise hands}

how do I start using oils?

So now you might be curious if oils could work for you and your family as well. So first of all, yes! They can definitely work for you! My suggestion would be to start with the Premium Starter Kit — inside this kit you’ll find the most commonly used essential oils as well as Thieves cleaner {which is the only cleaner we use in our house}, Ningxia juice {my whole family drinks this everyday} and some other amazing goodies! The Premium Starter Kit also comes with a diffuser which is honestly the easiest way to start using oils in my opinion! Not only do you get all these amazing essentials to start with, but you get an incredibly useful handbook on how, when and why to use each oil. And all of this for only $165 … if you went to the grocery store or even Amazon all of this would cost you well over $400.

Buy Your Premium Starter Kit Now

There you have it — a little bit about why and when we use essentials oils, the only brand of oils {and other products} that we use, and how you can start using oils as well! I’ll be writing more about what specific oils we use and why, as well as, other products that we use from various Young Living lines because I love talking about oils and how much they have helped us become a healthier family!

If you’ve decided that oils are for you, please reach out to me with any questions! lauren@lcstylereport.com

To read more about specifics on how we use oils, click here.

xo, LC




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