Young Living Essential Oils.

Our journey with Young Living essential oils is an ever-growing one and that’s just the way I like it. There are so many oils offered by Young Living and so many issues that they can resolve that I am constantly learning about and how to use them.

young living oils for the family

Our family journey started in 2015 when Walt was diagnosed with a slipped disc in his back — at age 27. There is no fast fix for a slipped disc — surgery is an option, but that will likely lead to more surgeries down the road. We had already been diffusing oils in lieu of candles as basically a way to cover up the dog smell in our house, but this diagnosis changed our oily worlds. I started doing my research on how to use oils for back pain and Walt was willing to try anything. And y’all, it worked! While it didn’t heal his back by any means, the pain was instantly alleviated. And our mindsets were forever changed when it came to essential oils and their benefits.

Flash forward a couple years and I was pregnant with our sweet Adelaide, suffering from terrible pregnancy insomnia and indigestion. Oils to the rescue! Lavender and Digize were constantly being diffused or applied to my body. Once Adelaide was born, our oils usage not only continued, but in reality it increased. Gassy baby? Tummygize is your best friend. Fussy baby? Gentle Baby is consistently on my Essential Rewards order because even in toddlerhood we’re still using it regularly.

why use Young Living oils?

young living oils for the family

Three words: Seed To Seal. This means that with Young Living oils nothing leaves or is added to the oil from the time the seed leaves the plant until it is sealed in the bottle and then delivered to your doorstep. This isn’t the same with all companies — in fact, many grocery store oils are diluted or have been grown in fields that use the dreaded pesticides — which to be honest, we should all avoid. Young Living even grows their own seeds — they own beautiful farm land that I cannot wait to visit one day!

how we use oils everyday.

young living oils for the family

As I said earlier, I started using oils instead of constantly burning candles in my house. I read a terrifying article about the effects of candle ash on your respiratory system and never lit another. Diffusers are amazing devices that allow you to rid your house of germs and other toxins that may be lurking around, while also creating an amazingly clean smell.

In the fall and winter, I diffuse Thieves almost every day to prevent germs from growing and lurking in our home. And I’ve got to be honest, we were the least sick people in our first year of preschool! So something has to be working, right? In the spring, when everyone’s allergies are flaring up you can usually find a combo of Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon in our diffusers. We have also diffused in Adelaide’s room since she was very young — 5 to 6 months old — Lavender or Sleepyize for naptime and bedtime {diluted of course!}.

young living oils for the family

Oils don’t only have to be diffused however — our entire family “wears” oils as well. I think Adelaide was 3 weeks old the first time that I rubbed {diluted} Gentle Baby on the bottoms of her feet. And when her crying immediately stopped, there was no turning back from using oils on my baby. Tummygize was {and is} a big one for those early months as an infant — it almost immediately solves gassy baby problems. As for Walt, he carries a Deep Relief rollerball with him almost everywhere for his back problems. Both of use the allergy combo I mentioned before {Lavender, Peppermint, & Lemon} when our allergies are flaring up or when a cold hits us. {The allergy combo has even cured a case of hives in Walt before!} For pregnancy indigestion {or anytime} Digize will become your best friend — just dilute with a carrier oil and rub on your tummy.

There are so many ways to use oils — these are just a few of the oils we use every single day!

ready to learn more about oils?

I love talking about oils and love sharing my knowledge to newbie oil users. If you have any questions EVER, please reach out to me!


ready to take the plunge?

First of all, YAY! This is going to be such an amazing wellness journey for you and I am honored to be a part of it.

So where do you begin? There’s a lot of options, but don’t stress! My suggestion would be to purchase the Premium Starter Kit — this is going to be the best bang for your buck!

included in the Premium Starter Kit

The Young Living Premium Starter Kit includes TWELVE essential oils, a beautiful diffuser, a sample of Thieves cleaner {a must for any household}, 2 samples of Ningxia juice {a fave in our house}, and a few other amazing goodies. The reason this is the best bang for your buck? If you were to go to your local health food store {or even Amazon} to purchase just the oils and a diffuser it would cost you over $400, but you can get all of this listed above for only $165.What a deal!! But that’s not even the best part — you also get to be a part of an amazing wellness community with vast amounts of wellness knowledge. And you get a lifetime membership to Young Living that includes a 24% discount on all Young Living oils and products.


young living oils for the family




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